And another episode of As The Stomach Turns

Well, well, well. Little bit of contradiction this week in several places. Where to start, hmmmmm. Well, let’s start with what’s come out of Ynet news. Well, there was a new article there today… called one Tehran is enough. This had the contents of Israel saying that the rest of the world would reject a Palestinians state when Israel did the same. Hmmmm, later in their video news they tell us that Chillie has joind a growing list of European and South American countries that are recognizing an independent Palestinian state at the pre 1967 borders. Hmmmm, little contradiction there?  Then we have that clown Obama in his weekly address telling us that the ecconomy is growing, really? Then why are unemployment numbers going up now that the holiday season is over and retailors are finishing their inventory counts? Why are some of Macey’s stores along with others going out of business? Then we get those clowns in Egypt meeting with Netenyahu this week, I already posted this, after his country had the nerve to attack a Coptic christian service New Year’s eve. And some better news, and I say this facisiously. And for real. the Masechussetz Supreme court ruled yesterday that in order for homes to be foreclosed on, they must have the note and all the paperwork together, so no more of this MERS nonsense going on, for further details, go to OOooohhhhhh, and while I’m speaking of good news, Hellen Thomas is back in journalixm. We find out Wednsday that she is taking a job writing for Falls Church Press in Falls Church Virginia. Looks like those Israeli clowns didn’t defeat her after all, good comeuppance for those scumbags. Truth will out, and oh, yes people do have a right to have a private opinion outside their jobs, ha ha, Israel. Loss for you. You’re beginning to loose your grip on our corperate media here, slowly but surely. Oh, one more contradictory story. we find out in ynet news, that Israel is allowing goods for money into Gaza, so you know that blockade they’re banging on about, it’s a complete scam. You pay those peices of filth enough money, and they’ll lift it. So, that’s that.

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One Response to And another episode of As The Stomach Turns

  1. Marti says:


    What you have to say it too important to be riddled with misspellings – which are a distraction. Please just run your text through spell-check before you publish. I am not blaming you for not knowing how to spell….. I was a teacher and know what’s going on in the public schools. Good luck. …. M

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