Netenyahu Ordering Everybody Around

It’s amazing. Just amazing, how we give the Jews an ich, and they’re taking miles and miles. I was reading news this morning…..and it’s just amazing to see how one man can try to order everyone around. There are 2 things that stand out once somebody reads Haaretz and Press Tv. One is…the same people who attacked the Coptic Christian service on New Year’s Eve, and as Michael Collins Piper says, anyone with a basic understanding of the players involved and the history knows who did it, and it wasn’t the Palestinians or other Muslims for that matter. And Hosni Mubarik himself as good as admitted on New Year’s Day who did it, he said and I quote ” Forigen hands did it.” And seeings how we ruled out any Muslim inmvolvement, and we know Mossad was warning Israelis of an attack in Egypt last year, I guess that narrows that down, doesn’t it? Well, the ironic part of all this is 2 fold. First, he’s messing with that Asia 1 convoy bringing in food, toys, and medicine to the people of Gaza. But the beauty of that is that the Asians don’t play those kind of games. they said they will stay in Palestine until all of the aid is delivered to the Palestinians. Good for them. The Asians have backbone the rest of us could only dream of, especially the Egyptians. Oh, which brings me to my nex point. Why Egypt can’t seem to shake itself of the traitors that rule it is a mystery to me. Mr. Mubarik, showing us the traitor he is, is going to meet with Netenyahu this week, to discuss Middle East issues and supposed peace in that area, and that Shalit. He is meeting with the leader of the people who attacked his countrymen. And if this doesn’t make the Egyptian poeople want to and actually march into Cairo and hang that SOB from the nearest tree and use a good helping of tar and feathers, then I shudder to think of what it will take to get rid of him and his caball of critters. And if this isn’t enough, we got Netenyahoo..and I say that loosely, not only wanting that dangerous traitor terrorist Johnathan Pollard released, he has officially sent a letter to Obama asking for this traitor to be released, Netenyahoo is asking our government to ban that Turkish group who did a good job with that aid flotilla for Gaza last spring. And this is after he has the nerve to blame us for the peace deal going bad, when it was ISREAL who backed out on the deal and said they weren’t going to halt the settlements, even for 90 days. So, beings the Isrealis said they weren’t going to halt the settlements, Obama, who is capable of doing something right once in a while, told Isreal they could not have the F35’s. These people are the most arrogent pieces of of garbage I’ve ever seen, and that’s after running into many people in the last 38 years. and the people who help them aren’t much better.

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