This Time Egypt Attacked

Well, well, well, another attack, and on New year’s. This time it’s Egypt who got hit. Well, Mubarik has come out and said it was forign hands who did this. And, by the way folks, if you will look on Press Tv’s headline section, you will find it. Well, Mr. Mubarik, you’re right. It is most likely forign hands who did this. Let’s look at who could want to do this. This attack happened in Alexandria, outside a church where Copt Christians were having a New Year’s service. Ok, let’s rule out any Egyptians. We know they didn’t do it. Now, who would do this, could it be Gazans or Palestinians? Not likely, seeings how they can’t even get a visa to enter Egypt. And since Gazans, even if they could get a visa to get into Egypt, would have no interest in this, why, because they have more pressing concerns closer to home to worry about, i.e. getting food and other materials for their families, or getting medical care. Same with those in the West Bank, especially those who would have been thrown out of their homes because of the settlers. and we can rule out the Saudis or anyone else for that matter, them having no reason to attack other muslims, and we can rule out Iran, seeings how they wouldn’t logically go all the way to Egypt to carry this out. Well, beings we’ve ruled out anyone there in Egypt and anyone else nearby to them, I guess that kinda narrows things down, doesn’t it? So, let’s look at the forign hands who could and would have a reason to do such a thing, and have had a track record of doing such things. Hmmmmm, well let’s see. Egypt has a peace treaty with Israel, whoes citizens go to Egypt all the time, and have NO problems getting visas, and by the way, have committed terror acts against the Egyptians before, this being the Lavonne Affair. And we know for a fact that their Mossad, along with MI5, the British intelligence, and the CIA, have been known to sponsor and help rouge groups commit acts of terror, i.e. Jundellah in Iran, the PKK, and the list goes on and on. Motives? Hmmmmm, well, let’s see, we can realize that the U.S. was already unhappy with the Egyptian milatary, a cable was leaked which said this. They were unhappy with the Egyptian milatary/security because they ” didn’t come up to standard to meet continuing threats.” And who needs this constant terrorism to keep the Gazans and Palestinians down while they’re chewing on them? Israel. Who needs to have the Iranians blamed so they can start a war with them? The United States and Israel. And what better oprotunity then now, during a New Year’s Eve celebration to pull this off? While everyone was distracted with New Year’s celebrations. I think it’s clear, Mr. Mubarik, who did this. And if you are smart, you will get these zionists and their banker friends out of your country and take back your soverignty, so you can defend your country.  You will stop giving your gas and water to these people and start making them pay for it, so your own people can lift themselves out of the squaller and unemployment they currently face. But obviously, you’re not that bright, so it’s left to the Egyptian people to hopefully get up some gumption and do what you won’t. If you want this to stop, you have to get rid of the people behind it, and it will. If you catch any Mossad agents, you know what you can do with them, the same thing Lebanon and Iran do with them. This will let them know that acts of terror will not be tolorated, and maybe they’ll think twice before doing it again. On a happeir note, Happy New Year to al on this planet.

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