British Confirm Israel’s Nukes

It just seems funny. I can’t go on Press TV’s website and read the headlines and not wish to publish something. This time the article in question was called” Britan confirms Israel’s Nukes” In this article, the British have released a doccument that confirms that Israel does indeed have nuclear weapons, and the British fear/feared that Israel may use these weapons in the event of another war with the Arabs. This comes on the heels of The Guardian reporting on doccuments that Israel was trying to sell nukes to South Africa, along with 2 years ago Jimmy Carter acknowledging that Israel had 150 nukes, along with Vanunu telling us that Israel had over 200 nukes. So, let’s cut the crap and stop trying to deny Israel has nukes, it’s no secret anymore. When we have at least 4 sources telling us all the same things, that Israel has nukes, I doubt that all of these dources are lying. And now with Israel in effect denying a Palestinian state, and having their army officers telling the BBC that a “Cast Lead 2” in not an if, but a question of when, and them trying to provoke Lebanon and Syria, This situation is a very scary and dangerous one. We have a group of psychotic people trying in any way they can to start a war, and these people in cast Lead showed us their true colors. This is something we all need to sit up and take notice of. It’s something we as a world community need to get around and get control of. No longer can we buy this bovine excriment of the holocost and Israel’s “eternal victimhood” and we need to see these people for what they are and what they have and put astop to it before they do something we will all regret.

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