No State No Refugee Return

I surely hope everyone has looked at the Press Tv headline in the last 24 hours. there you will find a nasty little surprise that should make every decent, moral human being sit up and take notice. The headline reads “No Palestinian State, No Refugee Return” and it basically says that Israel is rejecting the state of Palestine totally, therefore, no Palestinian can come back to his/her homeland that was taken when the state of Israel was founded and again during the 1967 war. this also gives Israel the freedom to excecute that IDF order that they issued last spring which states that they are free to expel any Palestinian that does not have their proper paper work. I sure hope anyone who reads this is as shocked and outraged as I am. If this is not ethnic cleansing and racism…then I don’t know what is. This should also send a red flag to the Egyptians and Saudis and Jordanians. If what they did in Iraq didn’t get your attention, then maybe you’d best sit up and pay attention to this. The fact is, Israel was able to con the U.S. into invading Iraq for it, this time, they will drive out all Palestinians, and it will leave open possibilities for them to take Egypt, Saudi, Jordan, and whoever else they wish to. What they’ve said, in simpler terms, and I will break it down for you right now, They are saying, “We refuse to recognize Palestine, and Palestinians cannot return. We refuse to draw our borders, anywhere.”

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